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Brooklyn, NY

Abetek is a creator of microphone mounts and consumer electronics.  We currently make a mount for the Sanken COS-11 lavalier for use with button-down shirts.

We are working on an AA battery charger that will charge a caddy of 12 batteries at one time.


Abetek - Solutions for Sound & Film

Buttondown Lavalier Mount for Personal Microphones

Countryman B6

Countryman B6

Sanken COS-11

Sanken COS-11

DPA 4060 series

DPA 4060 series


Abetek Button-Down Mounts are available in black or white for the microphones listed above.  The material is a strong and flexible TPE.  All of our packaging is biodegradable.

Abetek products are available from:


Professional Sound Services (NYC, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale)

Location Sound Corp (Los Angeles)

Trew Audio (Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles)


Sonotechnique (Montreal)

Trew Audio (Toronto, Vancouver)


Soundkit (UK)

Noyz Boyz Audio (Netherlands)

SoundOnSetEurope (Spain)


Pro Gear SA (South Africa)